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Sunday, November 13, 2011

As Time Goes by......

Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all my readers!

Sorry to kept you waiting. (I know you're not!).  Well, i'm just accidently can't find where my in my bookmark, so it make me totally forgetting this blog. (ok, i'm lied)  xD

Ok, I'm sure some of issue have being played recently. Maybe you'll know about it even I giving just some keyword. 
Just sayin' some of it: 

  1. Queer without Fear
  2. Keeping a Cattle in a Condominium
  3. Shortcut pilgrimage
  4. Justice and Freedom party
  5. EU and Palastine
If you don't know details about 3 out of that 5 issue, than you're totally failed Malay citizen  (or nerd, maybe). Haha

I'm quite interested about how media using and playing (spin, actually) some of that issue. You know what, if media reporting something and you just believe it without finding about it on the different source, then your're absolutely fooled, just a poor fooled soul. xD

Well, my teacher always tell me, be academician, not a politician. It make me aware about how to look at the news and everthing around me. For every issue, we must (if you don't want to be a fooled soul) find an acedemic view about it. And as Muslim, we have Al-Quran, Hadith as our absolute perfect knowledge that we must follow.

In case you're not having an knowledge about it (some poeple call it, lazy >.< ), please and please, hear and read what our Islamist Scholar sayin'. Don't just bluntly follow some crazy bunch of politician or scumbag repoters. You're the Ummah hope my friend!

*I,m Islamist Democrat activist, not merely nerd academician. Haha.

Allah knows Best!

"Islam is the Way of Life, Not merely a symbol" 
"Quran and Sunnah is our Absolute Source of Knowledge, Not merely a decoration in your House".

Salam Ukhwah, Salam Cinta

Let's Make the World a Better Place with The Beauty of Islam

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