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Monday, November 28, 2011

Is Islam is a Religion of Peace?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, to all my readers!

Just finish enjoying some inspiring video from the debate of Christopher Hitchens (
English-American author and journalist and Fundermental Atheist) vs Tariq Ramadhan(Great Intellectual, philosopher, theologian of Islam).

Ok, For that, I'll share to you the essance and what i got from it:

For Muslim, Quran is the very word of God. But many interpretation, many ways of dealing with The Book, the problem is not The Book but the real problem is the book Readers

The one who can be blame sometimes are the religious people themselves, because the way they present their religion sometimes come with all of dream and hope and not to dealing with re-educate which is complex in reality.

I would'nt say Islam is religion of peace. I'll say, Islam is a religion for human beings. It deals with peace, and it deals with violence. And it helps the people to go from violence towards peace. It's a way towards peace, but its not a peaceful reality because we not a peaceful beings. Its come to the discussion about the fundemantal essance in Islam, that is the intention.

If we look back from what Socrates said, your body itself is bad and that is why you have the soul that helping you to educate and mastered your body. In Islam, there is nothing like that. Both your soul and your body is not bad and is not good. But it is depend for what you're going to make it out. And its your responsibility because you're free. You gifted with a freedom, and you must use your freedom to make it back to a good. If you make a good decision for your body, then its good. But if your decision is bad, then it is. So, its all about education and controlling yourself, with your own body.

So, the understanding of peace is based on spiritual viewing by yourself. It is how your're looking, define and dealing toward it. Same goes to the Jihad (which is always making a point for West to hate Muslim). We must see it from the most fundamental essance, not only looking it from the any others issue(news headlines, recent issue, history).

As in Islam, Jihad is like when you're in bad, then you want struggle toward good. Then Jihad is not the way toward war, but it is the way toward peace.

If you're going through the Islamic fundamental and understand the philosophy, you'll find that Islam have a methode to dealing with your own body. And also, you'll find in Islam that promoting something that we should have to do with peace, without avoiding violance because we all have to deal with our violance. So, don't only trying to prove something by history because the history will prove only whatever you want.

Lastly, we must check the our worlds nowdays. Nowdays, all the people are promoting for human rights. We have to check the people who use it, because with the best slogan can used to good or bad things. Like in the name of the human rights, we went to kill people. In the name of human right, we can promote and support the war at the Iraq and Afghan.

So the best ideology in the name of Human Rights, also in the name of democracy,
can be used by the people to promote the worst. So, instead of criticize the other religion and ideology, we must know that in our universal refrence, that there are the people that using our text and our values (also can be a religion), sometimes doing for the good, and sometimes for the bad. Sometimes for peace, sometimes for war. Sometimes for dignity, sometimes for money. Sometimes for protecting freedom, sometimes for personal stratergic interests.

Allah knows Best!

Edited and Adapted from: 

-Islam itu Indah-
Islam is not merely a Symbol, but it is absolutely the Way of Life

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