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Thursday, December 1, 2011

تربيه <----What is Significance of This?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, to all my readers!

Let me use Malay language this time...

Tarbiah. Apabila disebut tarbiah, maka ramai yang saya kira sudah tidak asing dgn perkataan ini. Namun sejauh mana masyarakat umum menerimanya sekaligus memandangnya sebagai satu kepentingan dlm kehidupan.
Teringat kata-kata salah seorang pendokong Ikhwanul Muslimin, "tarbiah itu bukanlah segala-galanya tetapi segala-galanya bermula dengan tarbiah."

Monday, November 28, 2011

Is Islam is a Religion of Peace?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, to all my readers!

Just finish enjoying some inspiring video from the debate of Christopher Hitchens (
English-American author and journalist and Fundermental Atheist) vs Tariq Ramadhan(Great Intellectual, philosopher, theologian of Islam).

Ok, For that, I'll share to you the essance and what i got from it:

For Muslim, Quran is the very word of God. But many interpretation, many ways of dealing with The Book, the problem is not The Book but the real problem is the book Readers

The one who can be blame sometimes are the religious people themselves, because the way they present their religion sometimes come with all of dream and hope and not to dealing with re-educate which is complex in reality.

I would'nt say Islam is religion of peace. I'll say, Islam is a religion for human beings. It deals with peace, and it deals with violence. And it helps the people to go from violence towards peace. It's a way towards peace, but its not a peaceful reality because we not a peaceful beings. Its come to the discussion about the fundemantal essance in Islam, that is the intention.

If we look back from what Socrates said, your body itself is bad and that is why you have the soul that helping you to educate and mastered your body. In Islam, there is nothing like that. Both your soul and your body is not bad and is not good. But it is depend for what you're going to make it out. And its your responsibility because you're free. You gifted with a freedom, and you must use your freedom to make it back to a good. If you make a good decision for your body, then its good. But if your decision is bad, then it is. So, its all about education and controlling yourself, with your own body.

So, the understanding of peace is based on spiritual viewing by yourself. It is how your're looking, define and dealing toward it. Same goes to the Jihad (which is always making a point for West to hate Muslim). We must see it from the most fundamental essance, not only looking it from the any others issue(news headlines, recent issue, history).

As in Islam, Jihad is like when you're in bad, then you want struggle toward good. Then Jihad is not the way toward war, but it is the way toward peace.

If you're going through the Islamic fundamental and understand the philosophy, you'll find that Islam have a methode to dealing with your own body. And also, you'll find in Islam that promoting something that we should have to do with peace, without avoiding violance because we all have to deal with our violance. So, don't only trying to prove something by history because the history will prove only whatever you want.

Lastly, we must check the our worlds nowdays. Nowdays, all the people are promoting for human rights. We have to check the people who use it, because with the best slogan can used to good or bad things. Like in the name of the human rights, we went to kill people. In the name of human right, we can promote and support the war at the Iraq and Afghan.

So the best ideology in the name of Human Rights, also in the name of democracy,
can be used by the people to promote the worst. So, instead of criticize the other religion and ideology, we must know that in our universal refrence, that there are the people that using our text and our values (also can be a religion), sometimes doing for the good, and sometimes for the bad. Sometimes for peace, sometimes for war. Sometimes for dignity, sometimes for money. Sometimes for protecting freedom, sometimes for personal stratergic interests.

Allah knows Best!

Edited and Adapted from: 

-Islam itu Indah-
Islam is not merely a Symbol, but it is absolutely the Way of Life

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Lessons from DOTA Game: Special to my beloved Islamist friend.

Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all my readers!

I'm just read someone note about a lessons that we can get from Angry Bird that can we implemented it on dakwah and tarbiah. By the way, i'm not good at Angry Bird( sometime i'll calling it a childish game when my friend playing exitedly -even in meeting) Sigh... 

But now, I just want to share my thougt about DOTA game! (Girls must hate it, or even dont know about it. Haha)

Below are the lessons that I can conclude about that game( got inspiration from some chinese blog, but I edited 75% of it OK!):
Fahmu(Great understanding): -Good- DOTA player are amazingly having a great understanding about the game. They know what their objective, where to buy a good and suitable stuff that suit their hero, and also knowing a every part of map that they played. 

Faithful :DOTA  players  is willing to invest a lot of time and effort in pursuing the hobby he loves. He is a successful career-minded professional who puts his heart and soul into what he does. DOTA players are loyal lovers. They are able to resist the flaming hot Lina or that sexy Rylai, and mercilessly send them back to where they came from (fountain), despite their charming looks. They put only their aim toward victory of their team on the top priority ,rather than tempted or symphaty for the enemy.

Strong Hammasah (Indomitable spirit): Every DOTA-er starts from being a noob. Every DOTA player inevitably goes through the long and painful process of feeding and farming only a Boots of Speed and 2 Wraith Bands (not bracers coz too expensive) at 30mins. If he doesn’t have a never-say-die-attitude, he would have given up long ago. So, every DOTA player possess strong will and fighting spirit. And such a man, is of course, more reliable and can be depended upon.  That spirit can make their objective, that to win the game, to became reality.

Salamatu Sadri (Indulgence): A DOTA player is indulgence and  gentlemanly. Even when he gets thrashed badly, he will still say GG (good game) to the opponent at the end of the game. At the most, just try again another day(or maybe next game).

Sabr (Extraordinary patience): DOTA cultivates patience. The opponent might be owning 10 minutes into the game, but a good DOTA player will persevere on and wait patiently for a chance to turn the tables. He will hang on tightly and continue to farm, gank (and sometimes KS if given the opportunity), until he gets the chance to wipe out the opponent team and make the winning push. Similarly in life, you can be sure that he will not PP (pull plug) but will hold your hand and endure the hardships together. This the very factor of good person as he is istiqamah toward his aim.

Tadhiyyah (Sacrifice type): Good- DOTA players are self-sacrificing. They always put themselves before others. They have good teamwork, and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. They don’t mind letting the team’s main DPS hero get the kill. This kind of person is not self-centred, and will place the family or society above self.

Pedulisme (Lightning reflexes) : Another basic requirement of DOTA is to have fast reflexes. Slowpokes are doomed to die in DOTA, because by the time you find the hotkey for Voodoo, you would have been killed by Invoker’s Tornado+Chaos Meteor, possibly followed up by Cold Snap. DOTA player can be more alert toward his surrounding, thus make himself easily to adapt on his environment.

Siyasah (Effective planner): If you fail to plan in DOTA, you plan to fail. The Haq without stratergy will be defeated by Batil with strategy.  Rush headlong into a teamfight without planning and you will be waiting for respawn next. A good DOTA player is adept at planning, calculating risks and making judgements. To initiate a gank or not, how to position your character is but some of the many decisions you have to make throughout the game. Thus, the pro DOTA player is a careful and meticulous one.

Hazar (Conscientiousness): Constant psychological pressure during DOTA is a norm. You never know when a Nerubian Assasin will pop out from nowhere, annihilating you within seconds. You can never be sure if a Pudge+ Rylai is lying in wait at the secret shop. Hence, you can be assured that the DOTA player will not crumble easily in the face of real-life pressures, because he is so accustomed to handling such circumstances and the hours of DOTA has increased his mental endurance.

This just a simple lessons. You may find it more I think. Just think out of box, but don't forget our absolute perfect source(Q&S). Sincerely, World of R.

–Islam itu Indah-

"الحكمة ضالة المؤمن ، فحيث وجدها فهو أحق بها"

"Islam is the Way of Life, Not merely a symbol"
Salam Ukhwah, Salam Cinta

Sunday, November 13, 2011

As Time Goes by......

Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all my readers!

Sorry to kept you waiting. (I know you're not!).  Well, i'm just accidently can't find where my in my bookmark, so it make me totally forgetting this blog. (ok, i'm lied)  xD

Ok, I'm sure some of issue have being played recently. Maybe you'll know about it even I giving just some keyword. 
Just sayin' some of it: 

  1. Queer without Fear
  2. Keeping a Cattle in a Condominium
  3. Shortcut pilgrimage
  4. Justice and Freedom party
  5. EU and Palastine
If you don't know details about 3 out of that 5 issue, than you're totally failed Malay citizen  (or nerd, maybe). Haha

I'm quite interested about how media using and playing (spin, actually) some of that issue. You know what, if media reporting something and you just believe it without finding about it on the different source, then your're absolutely fooled, just a poor fooled soul. xD

Well, my teacher always tell me, be academician, not a politician. It make me aware about how to look at the news and everthing around me. For every issue, we must (if you don't want to be a fooled soul) find an acedemic view about it. And as Muslim, we have Al-Quran, Hadith as our absolute perfect knowledge that we must follow.

In case you're not having an knowledge about it (some poeple call it, lazy >.< ), please and please, hear and read what our Islamist Scholar sayin'. Don't just bluntly follow some crazy bunch of politician or scumbag repoters. You're the Ummah hope my friend!

*I,m Islamist Democrat activist, not merely nerd academician. Haha.

Allah knows Best!

"Islam is the Way of Life, Not merely a symbol" 
"Quran and Sunnah is our Absolute Source of Knowledge, Not merely a decoration in your House".

Salam Ukhwah, Salam Cinta

Let's Make the World a Better Place with The Beauty of Islam

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let's Make the World a Better Place > HIMPUN

Well hello there!!!
Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all my readers! u heard about a mass gathering this Saturday??
It's like a cool stuff i think..

What? Are you sure you don't know about it? Ok then, check this out:

Ok then..what your reaction toward that event? I'm sure if you're in the type of person of Islamist or Jihadist, u'll be passionate to join it..


I would love to share to all of you from what i've read from Islamic Renaissance Front(IRF).
From now I'll transform!!haha..Cakap  Melayu pula ye..
Disini saya nyatakan komen daripada IRF:

<“Kami bimbang dengan mengadakan perhimpunan ini, ia akan memberi gambaran bahawa Islam ini agama tidak toleran, memberi gambaran buruk tentang Islam sedangkan Islam merupakan agama yang berteraskan akal, pemikiran yang waras, agama yang ditegakkan dengan akal dan hujah,” kata pemimpin-pemimpin IRF dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.
Selain pengasas IRF, Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa turut dinamakan dalam kenyataan itu ialah Mohd Radziq Jalaluddin, Ahmad Fuad Rahmat dan Edry Faizal Eddy Yusuf.
“Kami ingin menekankan bahawa usaha mengadakan Himpun untuk mempertahankan akidah hanya akan menunjukkan bahawa Islam sebagai agama yang tidak toleran.
“Justeru, persoalan yang perlu dijawab ialah apakah hasil yang hendak dicapai dengan ucapan retorik yang lantarng perhimpunan ini,” katanya lagi.
Ketika dihubungi, Ahmad Farouk menjelaskan bahawa penganjur Himpunan Sejuta Umat mengambil langkah yang silap, dan “seolah-olah mahu menunjukkan kekuatan yang ada pada mereka.”
Kata mereka, tidak banyak maklumat dibekalkan untuk menyokong hujah mereka setakat ini, khususnya berkaitan dengan kes-kes murtad yang menjadi teras pertemuan hujung minggu ini.
Sehubungan itu jelas kenyataan tersebut, terdapat dua persoalan yang perlu diberi tumpuan oleh kaum Muslim dengan jujur.
“Jika benar murtad merupakan isu yang serius sebagaimana didakwa, maka perlu ditanya, bagaimana dengan budaya Muslim dan pendidikan di Malaysia yang mengakibatkan seorang Muslim meninggalkan agama?
“Tambahan, apa yang Muslim Malaysia boleh lakukan sebagai satu komuniti untuk mengatasi budaya itu bagi menyedarkan mereka daripada menyisihkan anggota sendiri?” tambah kenyataan itu.   > about that guys??
Emm..ok2, let's us look toward the statement from the biggest Islamic movement in Malaysia(PAS):

PAS yang mengadakan mesyuarat Lajnah Politik pada malam ini telah membincangkan isu Himpunan Sejuta Umat (Himpun) Mempertahankan Aqidah yang dijadualkan pada 22hb Oktober 2011 ini. PAS dimaklumkan bahawa majlis ini tidak melibatkan parti- parti politik, maka PAS mengambil pendirian untuk tidak terlibat dalam himpunan tersebut sebagai menghormati kehendak penganjur program.

PAS memperingatkan semua pihak yang terlibat dalam penganjuran himpunan ini agar bertindak selaras dengan peruntukan undang- undang negara, dalam menjamin keharmonian negara yang berbilang bangsa dan agama. Sebarang usaha untuk menimbulkan polemik perkauman dan agama akan membawa negara kepada satu suasana yang tidak menguntungkan mana- mana pihak. PAS memandang berat sebarang usaha mana-mana pihak yang cuba mengambil kesempatan untuk kepentingan politik dan pilihanraya.

Agenda menyelamatkan aqidah merupakan agenda murni tetapi ianya mesti diurus dengan cara berhemah. PAS menyokong segala usaha memantapkan aqidah oleh badan- badan NGO dan pelbagai pihak bagi memperkasakan aqidah umat Islam.

PAS mengambil pendirian bahawa pengukuhan aqidah umat Islam hendaklah dilaksanakan menerusi jalan dakwah secara damai sebagaimana Islam telah diterima oleh masyarakat rantau ini secara damai.

Datuk Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang
Presiden PAS

Emm..there's conflict here..i see..

Jadi, ini komen positif daripada saya:
" Tahniah kepada penganjur atas inisiatif bagi mengumpulkan umat Islam bagi bersatu atas 1 isu yg saya kira amat meruncing masakini, saya menyabut baik usaha pihak urusetia daripada ISMA(tidak perlulah anda berselindung lagi). Akan tetapi saya berharap agar perhimpunan kali ini dapat memberikan penerangan tentang soal murtad yg sebenarnya, tanpa bias kepada mana-mana pihak. Saya juga berharap agar semangatnya terus kekal".

Ini pula komen versi negatif from me..Haha:
"Dont be childish! What's the point doing that if you have a power to change it? So childish. 
Playing a sentiment to get an attention from the others. Adakah kita mahu salahkan orang lain sebagai punca murtad, padahal siapa yg menyebabkan perkara tersebut berlaku? Apa gunanya berhimpun sekadar nak tunjuk kuat gitu? Nak tiru negara barat yg buat macam tu kepada penganut Islam di negaranya? Habis tu akta Murtad yg dibangkitkan dalam parlimen tahun 2006 dulu kenapa tolak bulat?? Kalau dah berkumpul tu mean aqidah dah mantap sgt ke? What a joke...
Adakah dgn berhimpun dapat kita kembalikan akidah umat Islam yg telah terpesong? Mengapa tidak dirombak sahaja badan2, jabatan2, majlis2 yg berfungsi untuk Agama Islam? Kerana apa yg kita nampak sekarang mereka ini berperanan atas dasar politik sempit...mereka tidak bebas...ada batasan yg perlu diikuti...ada suara yg patut dipatuhi...selagi hukum Islam tidah dilaksana secara total...Berhimpunlah siang dan malam pun masalah takan dapat diselesai..
Lihat sajalah polemik hudud baru2 ni. Jangan jadi penzina yg menyalahkan syaitan kerana menghasutnya berzina!"


Ok..I'm trying to enhance my critical thinking...

Islam is the Way of Life, Not merely a symbol 
Islam agama toleransi, jangan jumudkan

Salam Ukhwah & Salam Cinta

Let's Make the World a Better Place with The Beauty of Islam

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let's spread the Love to the World...

قال رسول الله (صلى الله ه عليه و السلم):"الراحمون يرحمهم الرحمن، ارحموا من في الأرض يرحمكم من في السماء"
(رواه الترمذى)

Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh....
Salam 1Aqidah...

It's good to start my 2nd posting with hadith above. That hadith known as Hadith Rahmah.
I get it from my spiritual teacher, Alhamdulillah, he teach me and show me what the meaning of that hadith.
He said that it is good to us to make the first step in any class, sermon or even blog with reciting this hadith.

For what sense that he say like that??
Ok, 1st let us look to the meaning of that hadith:

"The Messenger of Allah (Peace and Blessings be upon him) said:  The ones who are merciful, The Most Merciful will be merciful to them.  Be merciful (to) those (who are) on the Earth, (The ones) who are in the heaven/sky will be merciful (to) you (all)".  (Narrated by At -Tirmidhi)

Now you understand right?

From that, I can conclude that we should be merciful between us, especially between Muslim, no metter what race u are, what political view youre in. We must be kind to each other.
I'm sure that you know about the characteristic of Servent of God (usually called 'Ibad ar Rahman)You dont know about it?? Are you sure??Ok then, I'll post about it next time. Maybe next year. Haha.Kidding.

(Bro, bahasa Jiwa Bangsa!!)

Haha =.='

Cuma nak share kepada semua tentang hadis rahmah. Hadis ini secara mudahnya menyuruh kita mengasihi sesama makhluk di muka bumi Allah ni. Kalau kita mengasihi antara satu sama yang lain, maka Allah akan mengasihi kita. Malahan penduduk langit pun turut sama mengasihi kita. Saya yakin ramai pernah dengar hadis ni, terutamanya yang rajin ke kelas agama (usrah, ceramah,kuliah, talaqi dll).

Ok guys. Thanks for reading (sure boring right? haha)
Salam Ukhwah & Salam Cinta
"Let's Spread the Love to the World"

Prologue > Newborn Era


As time goes, world change gradually...

By the way..

This is my 1st post..just want to try  blogging..
Well, I will try to share about my view or my opinion for all aspect.. This blog is not only for politics, hobby or even tarbiah stuff. It's more than that, I hope..

I know my English sucks..haha..

So, hope I can manage my blog thus we can share and joining our brotherhood (always say it ukhwah, bro!).. the way..
Just to describe myself.. I'm proudly Malaysian citizen..Kedah for specificly..haha

(Udah2 la speaking tu!!) =.='

Yess..lagi selesa cakap Melayu sebenarnya..haha

Ok, Thats all for my 1st post..nantikan apa yg nk di sharekan selanjutnya..

Salam Ukhwah & Salam Cinta..
Let's spraed the Love to the World...