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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Lessons from DOTA Game: Special to my beloved Islamist friend.

Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all my readers!

I'm just read someone note about a lessons that we can get from Angry Bird that can we implemented it on dakwah and tarbiah. By the way, i'm not good at Angry Bird( sometime i'll calling it a childish game when my friend playing exitedly -even in meeting) Sigh... 

But now, I just want to share my thougt about DOTA game! (Girls must hate it, or even dont know about it. Haha)

Below are the lessons that I can conclude about that game( got inspiration from some chinese blog, but I edited 75% of it OK!):
Fahmu(Great understanding): -Good- DOTA player are amazingly having a great understanding about the game. They know what their objective, where to buy a good and suitable stuff that suit their hero, and also knowing a every part of map that they played. 

Faithful :DOTA  players  is willing to invest a lot of time and effort in pursuing the hobby he loves. He is a successful career-minded professional who puts his heart and soul into what he does. DOTA players are loyal lovers. They are able to resist the flaming hot Lina or that sexy Rylai, and mercilessly send them back to where they came from (fountain), despite their charming looks. They put only their aim toward victory of their team on the top priority ,rather than tempted or symphaty for the enemy.

Strong Hammasah (Indomitable spirit): Every DOTA-er starts from being a noob. Every DOTA player inevitably goes through the long and painful process of feeding and farming only a Boots of Speed and 2 Wraith Bands (not bracers coz too expensive) at 30mins. If he doesn’t have a never-say-die-attitude, he would have given up long ago. So, every DOTA player possess strong will and fighting spirit. And such a man, is of course, more reliable and can be depended upon.  That spirit can make their objective, that to win the game, to became reality.

Salamatu Sadri (Indulgence): A DOTA player is indulgence and  gentlemanly. Even when he gets thrashed badly, he will still say GG (good game) to the opponent at the end of the game. At the most, just try again another day(or maybe next game).

Sabr (Extraordinary patience): DOTA cultivates patience. The opponent might be owning 10 minutes into the game, but a good DOTA player will persevere on and wait patiently for a chance to turn the tables. He will hang on tightly and continue to farm, gank (and sometimes KS if given the opportunity), until he gets the chance to wipe out the opponent team and make the winning push. Similarly in life, you can be sure that he will not PP (pull plug) but will hold your hand and endure the hardships together. This the very factor of good person as he is istiqamah toward his aim.

Tadhiyyah (Sacrifice type): Good- DOTA players are self-sacrificing. They always put themselves before others. They have good teamwork, and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. They don’t mind letting the team’s main DPS hero get the kill. This kind of person is not self-centred, and will place the family or society above self.

Pedulisme (Lightning reflexes) : Another basic requirement of DOTA is to have fast reflexes. Slowpokes are doomed to die in DOTA, because by the time you find the hotkey for Voodoo, you would have been killed by Invoker’s Tornado+Chaos Meteor, possibly followed up by Cold Snap. DOTA player can be more alert toward his surrounding, thus make himself easily to adapt on his environment.

Siyasah (Effective planner): If you fail to plan in DOTA, you plan to fail. The Haq without stratergy will be defeated by Batil with strategy.  Rush headlong into a teamfight without planning and you will be waiting for respawn next. A good DOTA player is adept at planning, calculating risks and making judgements. To initiate a gank or not, how to position your character is but some of the many decisions you have to make throughout the game. Thus, the pro DOTA player is a careful and meticulous one.

Hazar (Conscientiousness): Constant psychological pressure during DOTA is a norm. You never know when a Nerubian Assasin will pop out from nowhere, annihilating you within seconds. You can never be sure if a Pudge+ Rylai is lying in wait at the secret shop. Hence, you can be assured that the DOTA player will not crumble easily in the face of real-life pressures, because he is so accustomed to handling such circumstances and the hours of DOTA has increased his mental endurance.

This just a simple lessons. You may find it more I think. Just think out of box, but don't forget our absolute perfect source(Q&S). Sincerely, World of R.

–Islam itu Indah-

"الحكمة ضالة المؤمن ، فحيث وجدها فهو أحق بها"

"Islam is the Way of Life, Not merely a symbol"
Salam Ukhwah, Salam Cinta

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